Before the matriculation period commences, you need to submit

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Before the matriculation period commences, you need to submit

  1. The documents justifying reductions or exemptions in the matriculation fee for Large Families, Victims of Terrorism, Orphans of civil servants, civil or military, deceased in the line of duty and Disability, unless you have already presented it at pre-registration or in previous courses and it has not expired.
  1. The Foreigner's Identity Card or proof of application for renewal: Non-EU foreign students who have a valid residence permit in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 2/2009, of 11 December, on the reform of Organic Law 4/2000, of 11 January, on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration, unless they have already presented it in pre-matriculation or in previous years and it has not expired, so that when they enrol they are charged the price corresponding to national or EU foreign students. 

    In any case:

    1. These documents must be valid on one of the days between the date of matriculation and the expiry date, both included, of the first matriculation receipt generated.
    2. Students who are staying or residing for study purposes are excluded.
  2. Proof of having taken out health care insurance for the entire duration of the Master's degree, provided that:
  1. You are a second-year student or you have not completed the Master's Degree, you are not a Spanish national or a national of any of the European Union member states, and you are not an authorised resident; and
  2. The Master's degree you are studying is taught in face-to-face or blended mode.

Important: This insurance must have, as a minimum, all the coverage offered by the insurance policy taken out by the University of Alcalá through its Foundation. All the information related to it can be found at the following link: