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The Postgraduate School of the University of Alcalá is in charge of coordinating and organizing Postgraduate studies and Ongoing education. It facilitates and supports the integration of the University within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

 What type of studies do we offer?

  • Master’s Studies

    They are official degree programs whose purpose is the acquisition of advanced training oriented to academic / professional specialization or to initiate the student in research.

  • UAH Programmes

    Aside from the official diplomas, Spanish universities offer studies aimed at obtaining non-official Degrees in all areas of knowledge. These studies are designed to provide the knowledge and skills demanded by specific economic and social sectors. They include a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees as well as Ongoing Education Programmes.

  • Ongoing Education Programmes

    One of the basic functions of the University is to respond to the educational demands of citizens throughout their lives. It thus offers a wide range of Training and Specialisation degrees which serve the diverse needs of businesses and individuals.